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Peer Review

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Author:                    Reviewer:

Peer Review Questions: Answer each of the following questions in writing.  Be thorough and specific with your comments and avoid vague, general statements.  Refer directly to specific sentences or paragraphs whenever possible. Use additional paper if needed.

Read through the piece and create a brief outline or map of its contents.

Identify the thesis.  Is it clearly stated? Is it compelling?

Does the body of the essay relate clearly to the main points outlined in the introduction and/or thesis statement?  Identify any problem areas.

Is the paper well-structured with a clear, logical progression?  Are there sections that should be shortened or expanded?

Comment on the tone and writing style of the piece.  Is the tone consistent throughout the essay?  Is the writing concise and focused?  Does the essay “flow” in a way that makes reading enjoyable?

What theoretical/conceptual tools from our class readings does the author utilize to develop his/her arguments? Are these engagements with course materials successful and effective?  Why or why not?

Do you have any suggestions for how the author might integrate other ideas from our readings into their analysis?

What additional suggestions do you have for making this essay stronger both in content and in form?  Be specific.

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