Susan Douglas on “enlightened sexism”

Douglas, Susan. “Girls Gone Anti-Feminist.” In These Times.  22 February 2010. Web.

This is a concise, well-written article in which Douglas critiques cultural trends pushing traditional gender roles for women while claiming gender equality and female empowerment.  It’s a great introduction to what many people would call “post-feminism,” and I’ve found this article has generated a lot of discussion among my media literacy students.

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2 Responses to Susan Douglas on “enlightened sexism”

  1. melody says:

    I agree that it is a conversation starter at the very least. It also works to show the tension in feminist camps, especially the implied mother/daughter debate (one could easily make a link between second wave and third wave here).

  2. nbg03 says:

    I’ve also found Douglas’ book by the same title to be helpful as well. As an extended version of this article, Douglas draws on multiple contemporary examples from television and print, which I think students will be able to relate to easily. It’s a really good book (and entertaining, at that) for pulling chapters based on the particular arguments or ideas. I highly recommend it.

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