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Media Issue Discussion Issue

This is a short essay assignment (3-6 pages) that requires students to do a little research, but it emphasizes analysis more than extensive research. Continue reading

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Media Literacy Syllabus

This syllabus is for an 8-week intensive summer course in media literacy. I emphasize a “media citizenship” approach to media literacy, meaning that we cover textual/semiotic analysis and issues of representation, but there’s also a lot of focus on media policy and discussions about how to create a media system that promotes cultural and political democracy by conveying a wide range of ideas, visions, dreams, ways of living, etc. Continue reading

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Television and Ideology Paper

This is the major writing assignment I use for introductory media classes. I ask students to draw on our readings and theories to perform an ideological critique of a television show of their choosing. Students find it challenging, as they have to define their object and develop their own critical arguments. Continue reading

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America’s Next Top Model: Tyra Banks Gets Angry at Tiffany

This episode of America’s Next Top Model is a gem, as it touches on so many prevalent aspects of popular media culture: post-feminism; post-race; self-branding; neoliberlism and entrepreneurial/enterprising subjects; reality TV/competition shows; bodies; gender, class, race intersections… I often show this episode at the beginning of my media literacy courses and then again at the end of the course. Early on, it sparks lots of discussion and interest. Later, it allows students pull together and see what we’ve learned. Continue reading

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