Teaching Media Curated Edition Mission

The editorial board of Teaching Media is dedicated to promoting a collaborative exchange and dialogue between media studies scholars about contemporary approaches to teaching and critically engaging with multi-modal media.

Teaching Media hopes to:

(1)     Promote discussion within the media studies community through sharing pedagogical tools that help to teach, analyze, and dissect media artifacts for undergraduate students.

(2)     Encourage critical engagement with the media in an immediate and timely way by discussing current media issues.

(3)     Invigorate innovative and collaborative approaches to teaching media.

(4)     Introduce media-based instruction to broader curricula and disciplines.


(1)   Create an online platform where instructors can exchange teaching syllabi, assignments, media examples, experiences and pedagogical philosophies.

(2)   Build a resource for instructors interested in incorporating media in the classroom.

(3)   Provide a dynamic forum for dialogue about pedagogical strategies.

(4)   Bridge the divide between academic and non-academic communities by promoting media literacy and encouraging contributions from all persons invested in critical approaches to teaching media.

Curation Process

The Teaching Media editorial board is committed to curating a diverse array of teaching materials to share with scholars and teachers. Bi-monthly, the board will distribute a call for submissions based on a specified teaching theme designed to generate a conversation on current issues in media studies. Contributors will be asked to submit innovative teaching materials that they have used or plan to use in the classroom. To contextualize each unit, each scholar will be asked to include detailed instructions, objectives, goals, and outcomes with their respective submissions






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