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Debating the future of news

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New Telecommunication Studies

What role do new media technologies play in changing the world in which you live? How are new media affecting different lives across the globe? This course offers an introduction to thinking about relationships among emerging media technologies, everyday life, society, and history. This course will examine new media through a perspective informed by critical theory – an approach that to understanding historical events that tries to understand the complex forces that maintain social reality at any moment and asks how a better world might be possible. We will be asking questions about what kinds of social impacts new media are having as well as how social contexts are shaping the way new technologies are used, designed, and deployed. The aim of this course is both an introduction to key themes in the academic field of new media studies as well as to promote critical thinking as media users and members of a society that is making pivotal decisions about what kind of a social order will be supported by emerging technologies. Continue reading

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