Social Media Literacy Service Learning

Here’s a service learning project I offered to students in a media literacy course.  I was using a contract grading model at the time so only students pursuing an ‘A’ in the class were required to complete one of the two group project options.

Here’s a preview of the SL option, but see the attached file for the full assignment.

For this option, you will work with a group of about 4 peers to put together a lesson about media literacy of social networking sites (MySpace, Facebook, etc) for students in a 10th grade English class at Central High School.  I expect that we will have enough students for 2 UMN students groups.  While the two groups do not need to work together, you should be in contact with each other to make sure you do not cover the exact same ground and that your lessons complement each other in some way.  The overall question each group should address is “What benefits and risks are social networking sites offering to young people?”

Service Learing Project

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