Teaching the Annotated Video Essay with Mozilla’s Popcorn Maker

CJ_Final.indd Cinema Journal Teaching Dossier
 Vol. 1(2) Spring/Summer 2013
 Jennifer Proctor
 University of Michigan-Dearborn


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Jennifer Proctor is an assistant professor in journalism and screen studies whose courses integrating Popcorn Maker and other video essays include Film and Feminisms and Introduction to Screen Studies (an introduction to media analysis course). In Film and Feminisms, she has used Popcorn Maker as a short introductory assignment for understanding Mulvey, and as an option for a longer final project which compares gender representation in two different films. Likewise, she has used it in an intro to film analysis course where students are asked to compare the use of basic formal elements in two different films of the same genre. She has additionally integrated video annotations (using other tools) in courses in scriptwriting, internet studies, and, of course, her video production classes.










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